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so i may write about
how hot showers make me gasp for air
like a whore because it burns but
i don't do anything about it
and that might be a metaphor for
how i like to feel overwhelmed
or for how i prefer my skin in a hue of fried pink
instead of rotting yellow because it reminds me of
death and pain does
just the opposite

and also i may write about
how when i stare at the stars for too long
i start to lose focus and lights blur together
and that could be another metaphor
for how I like to feel hungry for what's out of reach
or how i like to feel lost in what i sense
or how i like to feel like I'm drowning
in air for no fucking reason

maybe you don't care much for metaphors
and comparing my toes to river stones will not
make you understand me anymore than
it helps me understand myself
and besides
artists tend to exaggerate things
and make them look grander  
or more vile than they are
because they hate living in a world
where rain is water drops and not
your very own metaphor for life
and your perception of the sun doesn't
make you more special for finding the right way to
lie about it
anymore than it makes it more special for shining

artists also love to lie
or maybe that's just me
i could easily hate hot showers
and be bored to death with the sky
after just five minutes of gazing
and thinking up new meanings for myself
it doesn't make a difference though does it
it's not about truth or metaphors at all
im not sure what art is about but i have plenty of ideas
on what's it's not  

maybe i should just ditch metaphors and words
that feel soft in my mouth but dig tunnels in my head
and stop trying to write draw and sing with grace and glamour
(i might think differently if i was succeeding)  

pain turns me on but i probably won't tell my lover
because i feel weak when i'm her slave
and the sky makes me feel small and insignificant and helpless
and i hate feeling weak unless she's
tied me down and forcing me to be
in which case
i love it  
i won't tell her this either
i'll only whisper 'harder' on her neck and crave that
she understands and tries to take my skin off

i bet you didn't expect this
to be just another rant about sex because
sex sounds less poetic without all the
fucking metaphors  

damn i never could make these things sound
finished but that's because
when i write they're usually still going
ScorpionHoliday Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012

this was really fucking amazing. oh my goodness, i loved it.
janardana Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Wow, this is really cool! It's like meta poetry. o.O
that-black-she-wolf Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012
i had to google that :D thanks
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